7 Things to Ask Your Webguy

1. Do I get to keep my own website? Seems silly doesn’t it? If someone is building you something, it should be yours right?

The Problem
Many companies (and almost all of those “Build Your Website in One Day” sites) build your site on their own custom framework. Yes, you can load all of your content in it and pick out the layout and color scheme. But, if you become unhappy with their service you can’t take your website elsewhere.

Without their custom framework your site becomes useless.

The Solution
Have your site built on a free open source platform such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. You can also get a site coded for you in pure HTML.

2) Can I update it myself? In order for your website to help you grow your business, you need to keep it current. If it is not updated regularly people will move on.

The Problem
The sad truth is that there are some web guys that will hold you captive to an hourly fee anytime you want anything changed on your website.

The Solution
Wordpress – The open source platform that I use to build sites – is very easy to update and add new content. You can make changes easily in a matter of minutes, and there are a load of free resources to help you learn.

3) What happens if you disappear or go out of business?

Okay, so you had a website built and you are happy! What will happen if your web guy wins the lottery and moves to Aruba?