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Have you heard of WordPress? Please take a moment to fully read the article below to find out why you should be building your website on WordPress.


 Benefits of WordPress

  1. Meets all the web standards with over  50 million WordPress sites online. WordPress now powers 14.7% of the top million websites in the world and 22 out of every new 100 active domains in the U.S. are running WordPress. http://techcrunch.com/2011/08/19/wordpress-now-powers-22-percent-of-new-active-websites-in-the-us/
  2. WordPress seperates content from design. This enables users (or developers) to easily update the look and feel of their website with the addition a new template. Just like in fashion, the look and feel of websites do change with the times. WordPress allows your clients to keep their website beautiful and functional as web standards and design tastes change.
  3. WordPress is free and open source software that is supported by a HUGE community of committed developers and designers. What does this mean for you?
    1. You are not “Held Prisoner,” by your hosting provider or web designer. You are free to take your website elsewhere. This may seem counter-intuitive to a business plan that relies on retaining customers. However it is the honest and ethical way to run a business.  Many web developers create your website on their own custom made platform, therefore if they raise their rates, provide poor customer service afterwards or give you any reason to be dissatisfied you cannot take your website elsewhere. Without their custom platform you have nothing left of your site and you have to begin again. With WordPress you can zip your entire site into one single file, take it to any reputable developer and he/she can reinstall it on any new server of your choice. As a service tomy clients. When I am have completed work on their site, I provide them with this file. It is your site, you own it. Yes I will help you maintain it, but you are not tied to my services.
    2. WordPress is free. You are paying for a professional to configure it to their custom needs.  The different customization options will be detailed in the Packages section below.
    3. WordPress is very adaptable to your custom needs. If there is not a plugin available to add the functionality you desire (although one probably does exist) a professional coder can be hired to create one.
    4. WordPress began as a blogging platform and has matured into a full Content Management System. It is very strong in the areas of organizing your  content, information and data into a matter that is very easy for you website visitors to access and navigate. All good websites should have a goal in mind. Is it to capture an email? Get  a visitor to pick up the phone and call your business? Browse through a portfolio of your photography or art designs? Whatever the desired visitor action is WordPress can be designed to facilitate that reaction.
    5. WordPress is EXTREMELY good at Search Engine Optimization. Your  website won’t get you any business if they can’t be found. WordPress is very good at helping sites get ranked by google and other search engines.


Package 1

Basic WordPress  Install

  1. Install WordPress on User Domain
  2. Change Permalink Structure for better SEO.  i.e. change urls from http://creationsbynathan.com/?p=1 to http://creationsbynathan.com/art_portfolio/hereare_my_designs/
  3. Add website title and tagline
  4. Create up to five pages i.e. Home About, Products, Services, Contact us etc. Does not include creating or adding content
  5. Set homepage to “Latest Posts,” (blog Style) or a user defined page, (website style)
  6. Allow or dis-allow vistors to comment on new posts.
  7. Enable Website to be indexed by Google and other Search Engines
  8. Set up and enable AKISMET plugin. Anti-Spam plug in.

$199. 1-2 Business Days

Package Two

Package one Plus

  1. Installation and set-up of premium theme.
  2. Up to 1 hour phone or skype consult with client to discuss purpose of site and desired layout.
  3. Installation of Contact Form Plugin,  Statpress (site statistics plugin), Google xml sitemaps, and social marketing plugins. i.e. facebook twitter etc.
  4. Installation and setup of Backupbuddy Plugin. Premium Protection for your Website $75 value. Protection is priceless see http://pluginbuddy.com/purchase/backupbuddy/ for full details and Bullet Proof Security plugin.
  5. Adding clients content in up to 5 pages. This does not include creating content.
  6. Up to one hour phone or in person tutorial on how to most effectively use your new website.
  7. Membership into http://www.wp101.com/ membership website. 17 premium WordPress tutorial videos

$750 3-5 Business Days

Note. Client will have to provide logo in a predetermined size (according to theme) in a png format. Client will also have to provide any images needed for any included Featured Slider, In the appropriate size. Any graphic work on top will be billed at $50 an hour. I.e. To resize 5 images to fit a slider and change logo format to png will be about 1 hour labour.

Package Three

Package One and Two Plus:

  1. Up to 3 one hour consulting calls to best plan proper implementation and launch of site.
  2. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Integration
  3. Gravity Forms Plugin. Great for adding forms, questionnaires, or including user generated content. Full information here.  http://www.gravityforms.com/
  4. Customize background, font color and styles to match logo.
  5. Addtion of  Javascript to Footer, Gzip, better WordPress Minify,  and modification to sites .htaccess file to speed up site.
  6. Addition of any pluginbuddy premium plugins required.  http://pluginbuddy.com/
  7. Custom Feedburner rss feed.
  8. Unlimited email support for one month after completion of site.
  9. Modification to package to best suit client’s needs.

$1200  8-10 business days.

The gallery below is to give you an indication of how many beautiful designs we have available for you. Indeed, these are only a fraction of what is available out there. We work with the most highly reputable theme providers and designers. Our themes are easily upgradeable and are flexible enough to grow with your business.

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You can click on any of the scrolling images to get a larger preview.

Once we discuss your business and your needs we can narrow down your choices to find just the right theme and design to accentuate and grow your business.