How to Update Your Website to WordPress Version 3.3

Yes friends and family, WordPress is once again improving itself. The Japanese call it “Kaizen,” the continuous drive for improvement. Not to be confused with “Keyser Söze” which is something (er… someone?) entirely different.

At any event, it is time for you to update your version of WordPress. It’s fast and easy. I will even add some screen shots below to make the process easier.

But first take 1 minute and 33 seconds to check out this video and see how cool the latest update is!


After you login into the dashboard of your site, at, you will be greeted with the news that there is a new version of WordPress available and you should update now. The screenshot below is of the “Updates” page. The first arrow on the pic shows you where to find out what is available for update.

The second arrow is to remind you to backup your site before updating. WordPress is very secure and I have never seen a site crash from a WordPress update. However,  you may be using plugins that haven’t been updated recently and the mix could be a problem. It is always a good idea to back up your site before doing any updating, especially before updating plugins.

Screenshot of updating WordPress

In all of my client sites I use BackupBuddy. This is a premium Plugin developed by the rockstars over at pluginbuddy. The following screenshots are just a quick refresher on how to backup your site using BackupBuddy. If you don’t have BackupBuddy this plugin is good to backup your database. You can find more information on backing up your site at the WordPress Codex. If you are a client of mine and do not have Backup Buddy installed on your site, please contact me.

On the left, in the dasboard menu, navigate to “BackupBuddy” and then to “Backups.” You can then click on “Database Only.”

This will create a database backup of your site. If you do not have a “full” backup you may want to do this as well.

Screenshot of creating a backup with BackupBuddy

Next, check the date of the most recent backup to make sure it is complete, click on the email icon and email yourself a copy of the file. This is your database. There is also a copy on your server.


Screenshot of downloading backup file


Now you can navigate back to the “Updates” page from the first Screenshot. Click “Update now,” and in a momentor two you will be greeted with this WordPress welcome page. Take a look around and enjoy all the new goodies that WordPress 3.3 has to offer.


Screenshot of WordPress 3.3 Welcome page


Hope that helps. If you have any questions let me know!

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