How to add Sub Domains and Add-on Domains

A sub domain lets you keep apart of your website seperate from the rest. We have seen this with shopping carts, sales sites, different languages or locations. For example in the Url “,”
the subdomain is “Windsor” of the main site “”

Add-on Domains let you have more that one domain on each hosting account.
go to cpanel–> Subdomain

Picture of Cpanel with Subdomain area circled

Add the name of the subdomain and “Document root” will populate automatically. The “Document root” is the name of the folder that all of the subdomain files will kept in.

Click Create

Picture of cpanel where you add subdomain
Add on Domain

cpanel–> add on domains

Picture of cpanel add on domains icon

enter new domain name.

Picture of cpanel where you add subdomain
Hope this helps. Let me know in the comments section if you came across any problems.

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